Professional In House, & On-Location Portrait & Product Photo Studio!


The “Studio That Comes To You”

Our on-location photography services are unique in the portrait and product photography world. In today’s world of families that always seem to be on the go, it’s sometimes very difficult to find the time to drag all the kids, parents, grandparents, family pets, etc into a studio, and before you know it, your kids are all grown up, and “someday” never comes.  Media Creations solves this problem, by coming to where you and your family are!  This allows children to feel very at ease in their own home, and allows the most flexibility with regards to clothing, background or other changes, etc.

New!! - Our Portable Digital Photo Studio Service!!
“The Studio That Comes To You!”
We now offer on-location Portrait & Product Photography
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Media Creations

Professional Quality Equipment

We use the same high quality equipment found in most of the top photography studios, but we bring it all with us on location.  This includes professional softboxes, High quality backdrops, Professional grade cameras and lenses.  Whether it’s for a single head shot, or a deluxe family portrait session, we use the same high quality equipment on everything we shoot. Also, we believe in giving our clients all of the exposures that we capture, if requested, so you aren’t tied down with a limited number of shots.  We can provide the RAW files if requested, or high quality JPEG or TIFF files as well.