A Brief 20+ Year History !!

Media Creations was founded in 1987 as a modest 8 track audio recording studio In Columbus, OH, then named “Gute’s Studio”. The company was the only affordable project studio in the Ohio State University area at this time.  Songwriters and small bands were the niche market, as well as other aspiring musicians that didn’t have label backing, but just wanted to record their ideas and demo tapes as affordably as possible.  Mobile, on location recording was added that same year.

In 1989, the company relocated to Boston, MA and offered one of the first DAW or Digital Audio Workstations to be used in a project studio enviroment.  Many clients included students and faculty at the renowend Berklee College of Music, where the owner also attended and graduated with a BM in Music Synthesis in 1991.

In 1993, video production was added, and in 1994, the name was changed to Media Creations. The company relocated to the north shore greater Boston area.  The company was one of the early pioneers to make use of NLE or Non Liner Editing digital video editing technology in event videography by using smaller scale desktop computers for video editing - a rarity at this time.  NLE and Digital Video was normally produced on much larger workstation computers, which made their cost out of reach for most people.  The company was able to offer Non Liner Editing to smaller businesses, and clients that could otherwise not afford these services.

In 1997, VHS video duplication was added to the services menu, which competed with larger dubbing houses.  The company marketed low cost short run duplications, which was something unique at this time.  Other services would be added later in that same year, such as photos to video and film to video transfers and restoration.

In 1999, The Company made the leap into Digital Video for acquisition, and upgraded to the next generation of firewire based computer NLE systems.  NLE production was increased significantly.

In 2001, DVD authoring and duplication was added to the product and service menu, which allowed production of a fully digital product, from acquisition to delivery. The company also offered video and audio streaming for the web and CD video distribution.

In 2005, Digital Photography and Photo restoration services were added, along with the “studio that comes to you”, which is a 100% portable, complete photo studio for doing portrait and product photography.

In 2007, our new “in house” studio now included a motorized backdrop system, suspended continuous cool softbox lighting.  We began offering custom digital photo collages.

Today, Media Creations contiunes to evolve and is constantly upgrading and adding to its arsenal of services to meet the many varied needs of our customers.

Committed To Customer Service Since 1987

Media Creations

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Our Mission is Simple: Produce High Quality, Affordability!

Since 1987, we have always strived to produce the highest quality productions for the budget-minded client.  We never believed in the “quick-buck” or in cutting corners, and always produced every project as if it were something we were doing for ourselves!  This philosophy has served us well, as we continue to provide new services with this same mission in mind.

Media Creations • PO Box 1061 • Leominster, MA • 01453 • (978) 534-Media (6334) • info@mediacreations.com